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Canadian Landscapes in Time


1 Mamette Lake  2 Eddontenajon Lake  3 Kinaskan Lake  4 Muchalat Lake  5 Gap and Rae Mountains  6  Tombstone and Elpoca Mountains  7 Mt Wintour  8 Gap Mountain  9 Kananaskis  10 Muchalat Lake  11 Muchalat Lake  12 HMCS Quadra  13 Huson Lake  14 Tunkwa Lake  15 Kitwanga Range  15 Comox Glacier 16 BC Coast Mountains from Kitty Coleman  17 Upper Kananaskis Lake  18 Anutz Lake sunset

Wallpaper Photos

In support of the Merville Water Guardians, for the protection of all our groundwater supplies and aquifers, which constitute vital water reserves for the future of this province. This movement of concerned citizens will continue until the Government of British Columbia changes its policies, and reverses any and all permits for the extraction, sale, and profit from aquifer water in British Columbia.

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“Concerned residents opposed to the extraction of groundwater for bottling and commercial sale. Protect our precious water resources. Water is life!!”  Bruce Gibbons


Comox Glacier 2013 to 2018 Ice Loss


Zoom in, and use the before and after slider to see the loss of ice over the last six years.  The photo on the left was taken the 4th week of September, 2013.  The photo on the right was taken the 4th week of September, 2018.  All the glacier photos have been shot from the bird observation deck on the Dyke Road in Courtenay, BC, about 20 miles from the glacier.  This represents six years of glacial melt.

Governments must make decisions that are progressive, and forward-thinking, which do not set the stage for future conflicts


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To Greta Thunberg “We got ours you’re on your own”

Ever since Ronald Reagan ignorantly and spitefully removed Jimmy Carter’s solar panels from the White House, I have been reading columns like Tom Fletcher’s, which repeat the same worn-out, obsolete arguments.

His columns dismiss, indeed, completely write off the concerns of young people for their

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Solar Solutions

Forbes Magazine — not exactly your typical environmental magazine — says; “We could power the entire World by harnessing Solar Energy from 1% of the Sahara.”  It goes on to say; “There is no way coal, oil, wind, geothermal, or nuclear can compete with this.”  It’s not only Forbes making this kind of definitive statement, which closes the argument. 

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A rerun of the East Coast cod disaster

There are few internet resources as good as YouTube to forcibly remind you of a historical event which is relevant to today.

In 1992, the Canadian fisheries minister, John Crosby, angrily reminded protesting cod fisherman in Newfoundland that “I didn’t take the fish from the [expletive] water.”

A pretty dramatic moment, still available on YouTube. Sadly, future You Tubers will probably be able to watch yet another Canadian fisheries minister state the same fact to

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