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A rerun of the East Coast cod disaster

There are few internet resources as good as YouTube to forcibly remind you of a historical event which is relevant to today.

In 1992, the Canadian fisheries minister, John Crosby, angrily reminded protesting cod fisherman in Newfoundland that “I didn’t take the fish from the [expletive] water.”

A pretty dramatic moment, still available on YouTube. Sadly, future You Tubers will probably be able to watch yet another Canadian fisheries minister state the same fact to

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Fish Farms and Complete Ecosystems

In the 1980’s, there was a battle over fish farms, and there was — and still is — a massive backlash to open ocean fish farms from indigenous peoples , local residents, fisherman who still had jobs, many scientists, and, a name every BC citizen needs to know — Alexandra Morton — conducting her own studies in the field. Topping it all off was the Scandinavians themselves telling us that they had ruined their own wild runs of Atlantic salmon after the farms went in. The case against has always been the right one.

The only complete top-of-mountain-to-open-ocean ecosystem In North American I know of, which was created in response to input from indigenous people, scientists, and the

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